Mo Blackwell is the host of Targeted:  True Crime Domestic Violence.  Blackwell is a college professor in TN.  With the aid of a grant from the Appalachian College Association as well as her university, Blackwell spent years researching domestic violence, in particular focusing on women who left romantic relationships in which there was physical abuse.

She was struck by one of the ending comments made by Stephanie Rose (not her real name)  that inspired the title of the podcast.  She said, “and I want to say one more thing cause we don’t have much more time…women that this happens to are not victims, they’re targets. Men who do this sniff them out. It’s like an instinct. They sniff out who’s vulnerable or who’s caring or giving or gullible or has some kind of problem.  They sniff you out. So don’t blame yourself. You might have a responsibility in the way you reacted or something but you have been singled out. You are not a victim, you are a target.”

Please recognize that if you have not lived through being a target of domestic violence, you may not understand the reactions of those who have.  This lack of comprehension is normal and it is why researchers focus on this area.  From a common-sense perspective we don’t get the reactions of targets, but if we listen to their stories, we begin to understand more and identify patterns.  Hopefully this knowledge will enable us to help friends and family who are involved in abusive relationships.

We pray that once you hear the stories of the targeted, your perspective will be transformed and you will be able to advocate for those who may have difficulty letting their voices be heard.