Season One Episodes

*We’ve learned a lot of audio quality since we recorded and edited season one.  Please be forgiving of lower quality audio and the use of voice actors.  We considered taking down these episodes, but Melisha’s story is important and listeners asked us to keep them posted.

SEASON ONE spotlights the 1976 death of 4-year-old Melisha Gibson after days of abuse at the hands of her stepfather.  Join us for season 1 as we examine the circumstances surrounding how her tortuous death in 1976 led to changes in social service departments around the United States.

1.1 Teaser for Targeted: True Crime Domestic Violence

1.2 The Beating

1.3 Patriarchal Terrorism

1.4 Happy Birthday, Melisha (bonus episode)

1.5 The Mother

1.6 The Mother II: Why Did She Stay?

1.7 The Stepfather: With A Cold Cold Heart

1.8 The Road to the Trial

1.9 Prosecuting the Low and Despicable

1.10 The Stepfather’s Defense

1.11 Plumb Wild: The Mother’s Defense

1.12 On the Banks of the Nile: The Verdict & Aftermath

1.13 Keeping Families Together

1.14 No Longer in the Shadows: Child Abuse

1.15 Child Abuse Laws: Not a Story of Failure, but of Progress & Hope

1.16 Roundtable

1.17 When the SPCA Saved a Child

1.18 Why Do Abusers Stay? with guest Kate from “Ignorance Was Bliss”

1.19 Missy We Won’t Forget (Case Wrap-up)

1.20 Fight for Justice: Looking Toward Season Two

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