Season 4 Brantley Out

SEASON FOUR will be coming towards in early fall of 2020 (COVID pandemic put a bit behind schedule) when we will begin covering the case of Marsha Rader Brantley.  When Marsha disappeared in 2009, no one knew she was gone until months later. She had been systematically separated from family and friends, and only her husband knew that she was missing.

The last words Marsha wrote in her blog were “Brantley Out,” which inspired the title of this miniseries.  The Brantley episodes will be a bit of a departure as we’ll deal with coercive control in relationships and discuss a case in which we have no solid answers.  In season 4 of the Targeted Podcast we’ll examine a type of domestic violence known as coercive control and whether or not this type of abusive behavior caused Marsha’s disappearance.