Season Three Episodes

SEASON THREE features the mini-series called “Ripple Effects,” which tells the story of 15-year-old Josh Osborn, whose parent starved him and chained him to his bed.   His rescue will change the course of the Osborne children’s lives.

We examine Josh’s case, discussing his history as well as that of his siblings, and using this knowledge to examine how we be better advocates.  There is much about Josh’s story that never made it into court or into media reports. You see, Josh was not the only one being abused.

His sisters, Toshua Amber and Shelby reveal their abuse and the ripple effects it had on their lives.  While it is a story of abuse, it is also a story of hope.

3.1 The Rescue

3.2 Fear of Life

3.3 Serious Bodily Injury

3.4 Parenting Against the Way I Was Raised

3.5 A Safe Place: Interview with YWCA CEO Alejandra Castillo

3.6 Christie and Jimmy – Terrorists or Situational Couple Violence?

3.7 Missed Opportunities

3.8 To Eat or Not to Eat

3.9 Moving On: The Zigzag Road to Recovery

3.10 The Story of Lauren Part 1

3.11 The Story of Lauren Part 2

3.12 The Story of Marie Part 1

3.13 The Story of Marie Part 2 of 3

3.13 The Story of Marie Part 3

3.15 The Story of Cynthia Part 2

3.14 The Story of Cynthia Part 1