Season Two Episodes

SEASON TWO features the mini-series called “Fight for Justice” about Tracey Thurman, who had to sue an entire city in the 1980s to hold the police responsible for allowing her ex-husband to stalk and attack her despite her requests for police involvement in advance.

Tracey was a young married mother when her husband, Buck gradually escalated from intermittent slaps to deadly violence. Tracey was a woman who did a lot of things right while Buck targeted her for abuse.  She left. She called the police.  She filed police complaints.  She reported his threats and assaults.  She asked for and received a restraining order.   She demanded that the police arrest Buck when he violated it.

Even though Tracey did so many things right, the apathy of the police and their unwillingness to effectively intervene in a domestic matter, allowed Buck to nearly kill her.  While a police officer watched.

Tracey’s story will help us examine how society and law enforcement might fail targets of domestic violence.

One of the things I really admire about Tracey, though, is that she went public about her story because she wanted to help others. And she has.  Law enforcement agencies all over the United States rewrote policies about dealing with domestic violence.

Tracey Thurman Episodes:

2.1 Season Two Introduction

2.2 Fight for Justice: I Will Get You and I Will Hurt You

2.3 Why Did She Stay? The Leaving Process and Media Messages about Love Final

2.4 Fight for Justice: The Aftermath

2.5 Fight for Justice: The Trials of Buck

2.6 Targeted Topic: Restraining Orders – Worth the Paper They’re Written On?

2.7 Fight for Justice: What about the Baby?

2.8 Fight for Justice: Unequal Protection and the 14th Amendment

2.9 Fight for Justice: Whatever Happens, Happens in Tracey v. City of Torrington

2.10 Fight for Justice: Tracey’s Law

2.11 Fight for Justice: Tracey Goes to Washington

2.12 A Cry for Help: Sneak Peak Bonus Episode

2.13 Fight for Justice: Tracey, We Won’t Forget (Case Wrap-up)



Maria Cisneros

2.14 Targeted Topic Christmas Day Violence – Maria Cisneros


The Story of Jane

2.15 The Story of Jane (Part 1)

2.16 The Story of Jane Part 2


Monica Deming

2.17 When I Die: Monica’s Law

2.18 Stalking

2.19 Monica’s Law – Empowering Survivors With Information

2.20 Pro-active Responses Against Stalking