Season Two Episodes

Tracey Thurman Episodes:

2.1 Season Two Introduction

2.2 Fight for Justice: I Will Get You and I Will Hurt You

2.3 Why Did She Stay? The Leaving Process and Media Messages about Love Final

2.4 Fight for Justice: The Aftermath

2.5 Fight for Justice: The Trials of Buck

2.6 Targeted Topic: Restraining Orders – Worth the Paper They’re Written On?

2.7 Fight for Justice: What about the Baby?

2.8 Fight for Justice: Unequal Protection and the 14th Amendment

2.9 Fight for Justice: Whatever Happens, Happens in Tracey v. City of Torrington

2.10 Fight for Justice: Tracey’s Law

2.11 Fight for Justice: Tracey Goes to Washington

2.12 A Cry for Help: Sneak Peak Bonus Episode

2.13 Fight for Justice: Tracey, We Won’t Forget (Case Wrap-up)



Maria Cisneros

2.14 Targeted Topic Christmas Day Violence – Maria Cisneros


The Story of Jane

2.15 The Story of Jane (Part 1)

2.16 The Story of Jane Part 2


Monica Deming

2.17 When I Die: Monica’s Law

2.18 Stalking

2.19 Monica’s Law – Empowering Survivors With Information

2.20 Pro-active Responses Against Stalking