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Targeted Podcast is an educational true crime podcast that investigates cases of family violence each season, using academic research to help us interpret the events so that we can become better advocates.

We’ve made many improvements over the seasons of our educational true crime podcast and hope that listeners of season one will forgive many of the rookie audio mistakes!

During a season the episodes typically drop on Tuesdays, but we’ll have an occasional week off when life outside of podcasting demands extra attention.

When we are on hiatus, though, it can be a long time between episodes.

Most seasons begin with a miniseries in which we discuss one case in detail (Season 1 Melisha Gibson; Season 2 Tracey Thurman; Season 3 Joshua Osborne; Season 4 Marsha Brantley).  The second part of the seasons are listeners who share their own stories of surviving abuse.

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Targeted:  True Crime Domestic Violence